Weight loss is a journey that many people embark on more than once in their life. It seems that many times they face this journey with little success at the end. Why is that so?


The medical weight loss team at Chrome believes there are many aspects to weight loss and to living a healthier lifestyle. Our team will help you learn these lifestyle changes while supporting you through your journey every step of the way.

A balanced approach to healthy living involves diet, physical activity and medical support. In our program each patient is supported with Chrome’s own Nurse Practitioner, Dietitian and Personal trainer to help you conquer every aspect of a healthy lifestyle for long term weight loss and success.

Here is how it works…

Pre-program assessment will include 1 week of logging all dietary intake and physical activity. This is part of Chrome’s data collection so that we are informed of your current lifestyle habits. We will then tailor the program around the provided information. Everyone is different, and we customize our program for each client.

Week 1 start of program will include a medical evaluation with Chrome’s very own Nurse Practitioner. Here we will take initial measurements which will include blood pressure, weight and BMI (Body Mass Index) and body measurements. A B-12 injection with lipotropic fat burners will be administered and you will also receive your prescription appetite suppressant. We will also take this time to discuss the program and assess readiness to start your new healthy journey.

  • Initial virtual consultation with Chrome’s Registered Dietician. Here you will discuss your food journal and learn new healthy eating habits that will carry you through the 12-week program with weight loss success. (45 minutes)

  • Initial virtual consultation with Chrome’s Personal Trainer. Here you will discuss current physical activity and ways to improve for a healthier lifestyle. You will also set up your week of training which include 3-4 days with your own personal trainer who will teach you how to start up your physical activity. You will also receive a written training program to continue through the 12 weeks.


Chrome gives you the full support of our Medical weight loss team which covers many aspects of healthy living and weight loss. We believe that with the help of each of our professionals you will be successful throughout this program and for life if you follow the tools we have given.

Weekly Visits Include:

  • Visit with Chrome’s Nurse Practitioner to discuss progress, take measurements which include weight and BMI and discuss weekly goals.

  • A B12 injection with Lipotrophic fat burner will be administered.

  • Weekly E-mail check in with your Chrome weight loss team. We are here to support you and we want to hear all about your success and progress. Weekly check-ins are a great way to ask questions and learn all you can about your new healthy lifestyle.


The length of the program will be about 12 weeks long. We expect about a 2lb per week weight loss. With the support of Chrome’s medical weight loss team, you will be set for long term success!